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    Water Gilded 22 Karat Gold Frames from Frames by Edward Wright

    Frames by Edward Wright uses old world techniques in water gilding our precious metal frames. After gesso is applied we sand the frame to a smooth surface which will intensify the brilliant gold finish. We apply a base coat of yellow clay, and then apply one of eight clay colors before water gilding 22 karat gold. The clay color is chosen to coordinate with the artwork which will be placed inside the frame, as the hue of the delicate gold leaf is affected by the underlying clay color. Click here to view photos of our available clay colors.

    We have many unique frame finishes using 22 karat gold, 16 karat gold, 12 karat gold, and silver. Each finish can be customized to suit your framing needs.

    Below are a few examples from our extensive catalog of water gilded frames created by Frames by Edward Wright. Click each thumbnail to view a detailed image of frame corner.