Hand Carved Picture Frames from Frames by Edward Wright

All of our carving is hand done by skilled artisans. We have many carve patterns available, some traditional and some designed by our artisans. We pride ourselves not only on the uniqueness of our finishes, but the originality of our carving.

Corner Carve

A corner carve is a hand-carving at the corner of the picture frame. Frames by Edward Wright offers a wide variety of corner carves, including traditional and contemporary styles. A corner carve can be added to any frame sample provided the moulding allows.

Continuous Carve

A continuous carve is a hand-carving along the length of the picture frame. A continuous carve adds movement to a picture frame. Continuous carves or "length carves" can be combined with frame ornaments to create complex frame designs. Many of our frames are designed to include length carves. In addition, any frame sample can be customized to include a length carve.

Frame Ornament

An ornament is a raised decorative piece that is applied to the picture frame moulding, usually at the corner. The ornament is made of a composite material. After the frame is complete, the ornament and the wood moulding appear as one. Picture frame ornaments range from simple and elegant to ornate and lavish. Ornaments can be combined with hand-carvings to create complex frame designs with dimension and texture.

Below are a few examples from our extensive catalog of hand carved picture frames created by Frames by Edward Wright. Click each thumbnail to view a detailed image of hand carved frame corner.