Frames by Edward Wright

Frames by Edward Wright is a wholesale supplier of hand-carved museum quality picture frames. Whether you are a frame shop, art gallery, museum, portrait artist or photographer, or retail customer, our handmade frames will complement your artwork or portrait.

Frame Shops and Galleries

Each of our hand-crafted picture frames is custom made to your specifications. We have a large variety of frame finishes in 22 karat, 16 karat, 12 karat gold, silver, and various metals. We can modify our frame finishes to your specifications. Using matboard colors, you can designate the undercoat or dusting color of your frame. By rubbing through the gold leaf we can reveal the color of the undercoat. We can also vary the frame finish through distressing, patination, and combing. We can work from a photograph which you send by mail or email, or a slide of the piece.

We pride ourselves on building strong relationships with the shops and galleries we work with. A frame shop owner in Asheville NC says: "While the high quality of your frames speaks for itself, it is customer service that distinguishes a business. Your call to me to clarify every detail of my order, when I was requesting a non-standard design, was exemplary. Strange as it may seem, most suppliers do not take the time you did."

If you are a frame shop or gallery with customers who want the best, contact us for information on sample and finish options.

Portrait Artists and Photographers

We have over 53 years of combined experience creating picture frames for fine photography and portrait photography. Check out our selection of moulding profiles, ornamentation and finishes that we have developed as particularly suited for photographic art.

Portrait photographer Mark Spencer says: "For taking the concept of customization to the ultimate, there is Frames by Edward Wright in North Carolina.... I am baffled by the majority of portrait photographers who are aware of finished corner frames but are too timid to offer them as a framing alternative. In which would you rather your customer display your portrait: a beautiful finished corner frame that is typically found only in museums, or a joined frame that can be purchased in any frame shop?..."

If you are a portrait photographer or portrait artist, your work deserves a Frames by Edward Wright frame. You may wish to become a full-service customer.

Retail Customers

If you are a retail customer, we want to create a frame for you. Contact us to locate a frame shop in your area who carries our heirloom quality frames. We work with frame shops and frame suppliers throughout North Carolina and South Carolina, and in Alabama, Arizona, California, Missouri, New York, Massachusetts and Tennessee.

If you live outside the areas above, contact us with the name and phone number of your favorite local frame shop. We will work with them to create the picture frame for your needs.