Oversized Picture Frames from Frames by Edward Wright

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An oversized frame is much more than simply a standard frame in a larger size. There are structural issues to consider when building an extra-large frame. At Frames by Edward Wright we understand these issues. We have years of experience creating oversized frames. Our frames have the stability and durability to protect your artwork or portrait. We have built frames as large as 86" x 120", and can go even larger to frame your oversized artwork.

Frames by Edward Wright recently completed an oversized picture frame that was custom designed to house an antique Art Nouveau opera poster. Shown at left, the frame was 9 feet by 3 feet, featured a unique custom carve, and was finished with tarnished silver leaf. Click here to read our artisan describe this custom oversized picture frame.

We have a large variety of finishes for oversized frames in 22 karat, 16 karat, 12 karat gold, silver, and various metals. Each finish can be customized: carving, ornamentation, undercoat, dusting color, distressing, patination and combing can all be varied to create the perfect frame for your portrait. Frames are also available with fillet, buildup or liner.