Hand-Carved Picture Frames for Photographers and Portrait Photographers from Frames by Edward Wright

A fine frame is as much a work of art as the portrait inside it. We work closely with photographers to design frames samples that complement their particular style.

Attention to fine detail is what makes our frames unique. Every element of the frame -- the hand carving, the ornament and the finish -- can be customized to enhance the nuances of the artwork. We work with emailed photographs on our color calibrated computer system for accuracy of color and tone in our custom finishes.

We have over 16 years of experience creating picture frames for fine photography and portrait photography. Check out our selection of moulding profiles, ornamentation and finishes that we have developed as particularly suited for photographic art.

Portrait photographer Mark Spencer says: "For taking the concept of customization to the ultimate, there is Frames by Edward Wright in North Carolina.... I am baffled by the majority of portrait photographers who are aware of finished corner frames but are too timid to offer them as a framing alternative. In which would you rather your customer display your portrait: a beautiful finished corner frame that is typically found only in museums, or a joined frame that can be purchased in any frame shop?..."

"A beautiful canvas portrait in a finished corner frame is not only a magnificent piece of art; it is an heirloom that will last many generations. When you offer the two to your clients, you give them something fit for a museum and even more precious in the home."
Lens, Issue 94, pp. 12-13

Frames by Edward Wright is a wholesale supplier of hand-carved museum quality picture frames and portrait frames. If you are a photographer or portrait artist, contact us to learn more about our heirloom quality frames.

Below are a few examples of heirloom portrait frames created by Frames by Edward Wright. Click each thumbnail to view a detailed image of frame corner (will open in new window).